250 Bushel Stationary Self Feeder with stainless steel troughs
250 Bushel Dolly Front Feeder with panels
250 Bushel Tandem Axle Feeder with panels
250 Bushel Single Axle Specialty Feeder
This is one of many specialty cattle feeders we build.  We believe that if
you have an idea or would like to see a change in our feeder design, we'll
do what we can to make it work.  This particular feeder was designed for
buffalo.  By leaving the ends open it eliminated a blind corner which is what
the customer was looking for.  This same design was also made on skids.
 Cattle Creep Feeders designed for durability and strength.
 All creep feeders are easily set up without any tools.  
 Top lid opens from the ground.  
 Front observation step.
 Extra heavy removable creep panels.
 Creep panel hold down bars.  
 Four stabilizing jacks.
 Fold out rain awnings.
 Easy flow door adjustment system.
 New 16" tires with tubes.
 Full length top opening for easy filling.  
 Lid can be opened with creep panels up or down.
 Four calf height adjustments on creep panels.
 Fully framed feeder.
 12 foot in length.
Dealer Inquires
28143 US Hwy 281
Armour, SD 57313
250 Bushel Creep Feeder
Lid opens with panels up
Rain awning and Panel hold down bars
Easy Flow Door Adjustment
Spring Assist - Optional